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tv   BOS Replay Special Rules Committee 72715  SFGTV  September 3, 2015 7:00am-7:21am PDT

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board president dr. murase. >> i want to thank you thank you for the guest and our student we like to see we're going to her classroom oh, in a minute occupies willingly have a teacher other el dorado we like to grow our own thank you prairie for this wonderful gift. >> great let's have a great year of learning we'd like to put those devices to good use we're going to classrooms new thank you
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>> good morning is monday, july 27, 2015, welcome to the rules committee of the san francisco full board of supervisors my name is supervisor john alavos the chair and joined to any left by supervisor malia cowen and we'll be joined shortly by supervisor
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katie tang we have an item number one we'll call a moment later and we have some last minute discussions about possible amendments to the measure we'll hold off think outside the box that one awhile that item is diagnose discussed in my office but item 2 announced the clerk the alyssa and today's meeting is broadcast presiding officer jim smith and jennifer lowe madam clerk, any announcements? >> completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the september 8th board of supervisors board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated great, thank you. >> so what we'll do we'll hear item number 2 first and then recess even though meeting and hopefully come in a short period
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of time with an item number one so item 2 first. >> item is an ordinance amending the administrative code for the amount of the fund from 3 hundred to 6 hundred and 50 conflict of interests great representative from the treasurers office. >> good morning on behalf of of xhooun i'd like to thank the supervisor president london breed and her staff in bringing this to committee that ordinance is a recommendation from the are controller's office will amend the san francisco admin code for the assessor-recorder over the last 3 years we've get a program to help to eliminate the wait times it helps our financial transactions when voters come to our office for licenses thank
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you for your time and i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> straightforward not controversial thank you. >> so this item open up for public comment any public comment on this item? >> this is recommended to the resolving fund. >> for any teaching as the promotional study i had a wide area of established my area of sdrin for the holy which is striking san francisco region thank you. >> thank you before we go vote on this item like to have a motion do we need a motion to excuse supervisor tang important this one item. >> more one further item. >> i'll make a motion to excuse
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supervisor tang for item two. >> second we'll take that without objection. item 2. >> this we would like to move forward with recommendation. >> sure i'll make a recommendation to move it forward to the i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> i'd like to call for a recess and hopefully, we can come back in a what a short period of time so i can't say exactly what we're return we'll recess and report back hopefully witness no. within to - i'll come back at 11:30. >> so just 11:30. >> -
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>> good afternoon and welcome back to the rules committee we've been in recessed since 10:30 this morning we had a lot of last minute discussions about item one the right to know act and we actually have reached some agreement between our offices and labor and environmentalists in san francisco that brings new language to our ordinance and actually new language that will be. >> would you like me to call the item first. >> oh, yes. >> number one for the oversees for the november this accident occur election and amendment to the disagreeing energy and imperfectly for accurate information for the it can for
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the power source to the power plant. >> thank you thank you, madam clerk we're joined we supervisor president london breed that is sitting ♪ place of supervisor cowen on that item and joined shortly by supervisor tang i believe but in the meantime, for this item let's have a motion to excuse supervisor cohen and we will second that and we'll take that without objection. great okay. so we have number one before us this new amended version we'll present will be explained by michael hines with the public commission and talk about the changes proposed and how we can move forward with the explanation thank you, mr. hines >> good afternoon. supervisors michael hindu san francisco
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giants power enterprise i have reviewed the proposed amendments and i'll just provide a quick synopsis here promoted amendments would modify the disclosure requirements and it would retain the definition of clean incur energy and green energy and the green house linking it to california state law and standard with respect to renewable energy that will state it is the city's policy to limit the renewal credits subject to the goals of the clean sf explodes the minimum remits
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under state law for the rp s it states that the rebuttal energy permit provided of the counts is consistent with the levels specified under state law it does remove the previous disclosure language requesting the department of the environment to identify certain source of power supply and it adds language that urges the san francisco giants to inform customers of the potential customers of the plan percentages of the clean energy and green and rebuttal free green house energy for the cc
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program required under state law proposed amendments seem to be reasonable and workable from an implementation stand out any questions. >> so if we have amendments i don't have copies may i approach can we bring those - great, thank you. >> so as mr. hines explained the renotification requirements and new language that discuses what will be shared in terms of certain sources would like to open up for public comment any member of the public
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would like to comment please come forward. >> ink brooks san francisco clean energy advocates representing the coalition for the clean sf in inform i'll say that is very, very last minute so we while we see this as movement forward we're trespass dash about what is go on we definitely want to urge you to go ahead we there, a a procedural ability to move this the existing measure as self-was written to the full board tomorrow and pass it meaningful that's a crucial step we need the possibility of that measure being on the ballot to be there so whole we're looking this it make sure that is the right move we've got that protection it is crucial you get the rest of your
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supervisors colleagues to vote so for this thing tomorrow and make sure that possibility is solid for that being on the board i will say that with that said that looks like it is a way for everyone to put their guns away and not go to war that might be a decent outcome i think my colleagues want me to say is it really is true what we have ♪ our current version the nuclear not green house clean and we need to face up to the realty if we're not doing with about the ballot it makes no sense to see is it so green house clean it is not maybe we'll moved but looking at this really hard before the end of the week to make sure that is the right move
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and it might not be we want to make sure we're do the right thing we definitely want you to pass the measure tomorrow with the board of supervisors >> thank you very much is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak please come forwa forward. >> hi supervisors good afternoon iuoe business represent we spoke on the measure at last thursday meeting indicating we're not ready to take a position on one hand we're willing and will review and come to an understanding regarding the specifics and the measure there is some important changes around the disclosure and knowledge of the customers of what the energy is and the sources of the empower that
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helps the customers to see if they want to participate that is fundamentally the most important element of any public measure that people have an opportunity to vote yes or no assuming those changes are ultimate put on the ballot we're prepared to support it in the november's election we port the process wholeheartedly of reaching this point thank you for your attention. >> thank you very much any other member of the public who would like to comment and seeing none, public comment is closed so would i would like you to do is unless supervisor president breed would you like to do the handy work of the file and dividing the files. >> okay. thank you supervisor alavos and i too know th


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